Giorgio Mussati, 2.0 icons
God Save The QueenAmongst the artists displaying their works at this edition of Milan Fuorisalone, there will be Giorgio Mussati, a promising debutant from Modena.
Young and visionary, Mussati performs acts of iconoclasm, offering sacrilegious remakes of timeless symbols.
Old newspapers, collage and sprays are used to mirror the Emilian painter’s perceptions, defined by a forceful generational self-mockery.
Google maps, iPod, selfies, Facebook, iPhone and new millennium vices are the groundwork for these irreverent revisiting, through which Mussati detects XXI century disenchantment.
Born in 1976, Giorgio paints in the beautiful setting of his home-workshop in Montale Rangone, near Modena, and will exhibit his canvases while Salone del Mobile is be on the go, in the location between via Massimiano 6 and via Sbodio 9, close to Politecnico and throbbing Lambrate area. (easily accessible from Tangenziale Est). 
Buyers and enthusiasts will have the chance to enjoy his paintings de visu, as well as talk with the artist and get the explanations they might be seeking for. 
In the work shown on the left, "God Save the Queen", Queen Elizabeth II of England is seen as a mythological beast, half human half super-human.
The crowned head conveys the power of the British Empire, endorsed by the Union Jack, here in a position which evokes a new age rising sun, while from the bust down the female figure is the low-life counterpart of the reassuring message the image builders want us to perceive.
Yet the truth is within reach: nobody is without vices, either they are big or small.
Mona Lisa - Autoscatto
Amongst Mussati’s large production, we have selected other two paintings, both portraying female immortal icons: the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci and Marilyn Monroe, the fragile diva who broke more than one heart.
The first is a black-and-white Gioconda selfie. Posted on Facebook, this image would spoil your trip to Paris, as a simple “I like” would be all you need. 

The second shows a charming iPhone-to-enjoy update of the seducing American actress, who died by an untimely death.

Same crazy laugh, but 2.0 version

                                                        Marilyn Monroe